Tuesday, March 24, 2015

 You must have excellent PSP working knowledge to follow this tutorial.


I used Paint Shop Pro X2 but any version will work.

Tube is Sensuality by Souldesigner you can purchase at Scrapz Dreams Shop.

Matching Kit Sensuality by Niqui's Designs you can also purchase at Scrapz Dreams Shop.

Mask 12 by me you can download at Scraps Dimensions.

Font of choice

Drop Shadow settings I used on most elements are vertical 3, horizontal 3, Opacity 55, Blur 15, Color Black, you can use whatever settings you are accustomed to.  I drop shadow on elements as I paste them.

Always look at tag for reference.





 Lets Begin

Open a new canvas 750x750(You can resize later)

Open Tube, Resize 400x600px. Copy and paste.  Place in center as in tag.

Open element 42, copy and paste place under tube as in tag.  With the magic wand click inside of frame and expand 10px.

Open paper 6, copy and paste onto canvas over the frame.  Go to Selections-Invert and then press delete key.  Now drag the paper under frame.  Deselect.

Again with the magic wand click the center of frame to select it and again go to Selections-Expand 10px.  Go to the tube, resize to it's original size. Go to Image/Mirror.  Copy and paste and place it until the face is inside the frame. See tag for reference.  Go to Selections/Invert and press delete key and drag it under frame.  Go to blend mode soft light.

Now open elements and start placing them as in the tag.  Resize them anywhere from 40% to 80%.

After all the elements are placed open paper 8 copy and paste and drag it all the way down until is under all the elements.  Open mask, go to Layers/New Mask Layer/From Image, Source Luminance checked, Invert data mask unchecked, find mask, OK.  Go to Layers/Merge/Merge Group then Merge Visible.

Tag is done.   Add your name and credits.  If you would like to show me your work contact me at metbrini@gmail.com.  I would love to see what you did.

This tutorial was written by me on March 24, 2015. Any similarity to other tutorials is purely coincidental. Do not copy, repoduce, hot link or claim as your own. Do not post on any site or tranlsate without my written consent.

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