Thursday, January 23, 2014

You must have excellent PSP working knowledge to follow this tutorial.


I used Paint Shop Pro X2 but any version will work.

Tube Bunny Love by Derzi you can purchase at Beehive Digital Studio.

Scrapkit Amore Mio by Niqui's Designs you can purchase at Scrapz Dreams Shop.

Mask 133 you can download at Designs by Vaybs.

Font of choice

Drop Shadow settings I used on most elements are vertical 3, horizontal 3, Opacity 55, Blur 15, Color Black, you can use whatever settings you are acostumed to.  I drop shadow on elements as I paste them.

Always look at tag for reference.

Lets Begin

 Open a new canvas 750x750px (You can resize later).

 Open paper 5 and go to back to the new canvas, go to the ellipse tool and choose the circle, in the material palette go to patterns, look for paper 5, and draw a circle about the size you see in tag then go to Layers/Covert to Raster go to Selections/Select All/Float/Defloat.

 Go to the tube, do not resize the tube yet, copy and paste it as a new layer then position it as in tag, go to Selections/Invert then delete.  Lower the oppacity
   to 31.

 Now go back to tube resize it to fit the new canvas, copy, paste and place it to the right as in tag.

 Open element 37.  Resize 350x256px.  Copy and paste.  Place to your left as in tag.

 Open element 4.  Resize 250x500px.  Copy and paste.  Place over bow as in tag.

 Open element 31.  Resize 200x144px.  Copy and paste.  Place behind tube as in tag.

 Open element 21. Resize 158x300px,  Copy and paste.  Place to the left as in tag.

 Open element 20.  Resize 182x250px.  Copy and paste.  Place it behind tube to your right as in tag.  Rotate 15 degrees.  Go to Selections/Select All/Float/Defloat  and leave selected.  Now open element 24.  Resize 189x250.  Copy, paste and place over the selected padlock as in tag.  With the eraser tool, erase the part where the padlock loop is as in tag to make it look like the key is thru it.  Deselect.

 Open element 39.  Resize 202x250px  Place it to your left as in tag.

 Open element 1.  Resize 220x220px.  Copy and paste.  Place behind candle and candy as in tag.

 Open element 27.  Resize 179x350px.  Copy and paste.  Place it to your left behind candle as in tag.

 Open element 19.  Do not resize.  Copy and paste.  Drag under wine glass and love hearts as in tag then go to Layers/Duplicate and Image/Mirror and place as in tag.

 Open. element 34.  Resize 700x560.  Drag it all the way down until its behind all the elements and place it so that it shows on the sides as in tag.

 Merge visible.  Open paper 2.  Copy and paste and drag under tag.

 Open mask, go to Layers/New Mask Layer/From Image, Source Luminance checked,  Invert data mask unchecked, find mask, OK.  Go to Layers/Merge/Merge Group then Merge Visible.

Tag is done.   Add your name and credits.  If you would like to show me your work contact me at  I would love to see what you did.

This tutorial was written by me on January 24, 2014. Any similarity to other tutorials is purely coincidental. Do not copy, repoduce, hot link or claim as your own. Do not post on any site or tranlsate without my written consent.


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