Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You must have excellent PSP working knowledge to follow this tutorial.

I used Paint Shop Pro X2 but any version will work.
Tube is called Julia by Alex Prihodko you must purchase at PicsForDesign
Scrapkit is a PTU called Sweet Romance from Niqui's Designs
Mask #110 you can download at Designs by Vayb
Font of choice 
Drop Shadow settings I used on most elements are vertical 3, horizontal 3, Opacity 55, Blur 15, Color Black, you can use whatever settings you are acostumed to.

Always look at tag for reference.

Lets Begin

1.  Open canvas 750x750px. You can resize later.

2.  Open element 20 do not resize, copy and paste onto canvas.

3.  Go to Selection on the toolbar, and select circle, draw out a circle around the clock making sure it doesn't go inside or outside the edges.

4.  Open a new raster layer.  Open paper 11, copy and paste into selection.  Keep selected, copy and paste tube close up and drag under clock, then blend mode Luminance legacy.

5.  Now open tube, copy and paste and place as in tag.

6.  Open element 5 resize 520x487, go to Image/Mirror, copy and paste and place as in tag.  Duplicate it and drag duplicat under clock, click on Eraser tool, erase top layer of element 5 until it looks like it's wrapped inside clock as in image.


                        Element 27, resize 442x500px, rotate right 40 degrees, copy and paste as in tag,
                        duplicate and mirror.           
                       Element 46, resize 300x279px, duplicate it 4 times and place side by side over
                       element 27 as in tag.

                                    Element 47, resize 200x133px, copy and paste, rotate left 20 degrees, and
                                    place to  your left as in tag duplicate it, mirror the duplicate and place to your
                                    lower right over the flowers as in tag.

                                    Element 6, resize 200x200px, copy and paste, place as in tag.

                                    Element 59, resize 163x200px, copy and paste, place as in tag over element 6.

                                    Element 29, resize 300x252px, copy and paste, place to your left as in tag,
                                   drag under cupcake.

 7.  Merge Visible, open a new raster layer and drag under tag, go to color palette material and use color #f6d3ea.  Fill new raster layer.

8.  Open mask, go to Layers/New Mask Layer/From Image, Source Luminance checked, Invert data mask unchecked, find mask, OK.  Go to Layers/Merge/Merge Group.  Merge Visible.

 Tag is done.   Add shadow to elements if you haven't already.  Layers->merge->merge visible.  Add your name and credits.  If you would like to show me your work contact me at metbrini@gmail.com.  I would love to see what you did. 

This tutorial was written by me Doris Lynch on August 14, 2012. Any similarity to other tutorials is purely coincidental. Do not copy, repoduce, hot link or claim as your own. Do not post on any site or tranlsate without my written consent.


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