Friday, February 24, 2012

You must have very good PSP working knowledge to follow this tutorial.

I used Paint Shop Pro X2 but any version will work.
The tube is called Vanessa by Verymany and you must purchase here PicsForDesign
Scrapkit is a PTU called Vanessa you can purchase at Niqui's Designs
Mask 111 you can download at Designs by Vaybs
Font of choice 
Drop Shadow settings I used on most elements are vertical 3, horizontal 3, Opacity 55, Blur 15, Color Black, you can use whatever settings you are acostumed to.  

Always look at tag for reference.

Lets Begin

1.  Open new canvas 750x750.  You can resize later after tag is done.

2.  Open element 21, do not resize, copy and paste on canvas and lower a bit like in tag.

3.  Go to magic wand and click inside each frame.  Go to selections->modify->expand->5 pixels.

4.  Go to tube, resize and click on close up.  Copy and paste close up on right frame.  Go to the tube again and click on close up, go to image->mirror.  Copy and paste on left frame.  Go to selections->invert, delete each close up.  Drag close ups under frames.  Deselect.

5.  Click on frame layer again and go to magic wand, select inside each frame.  Again follow the instructions on 3.  Open paper 21, copy and paste as new layer.  Select->invert, delete, drag paper under close ups and frames.

6.  Click on right close up tube go to adjust->hue and saturation->colorize and use these settings Hue-224 Saturation-189.  Do the same with left close up.  Always look at tag for reference.

7.  Copy and paste full tube and place in the middle between the frames.  Add drop shadow of choice and duplicate it.  Drag the original layer down un frame and keep the copy over it.  Go to the eraser and erase the legs then go the original layer and erase the legs left.  Tube should look like is inside the frames.  See tag.

8.  Open element 61 do not resize.  Copy and paste.  Drag all the way down until is behind frame. Duplicate it 3 times and spread it around like in tag.

9.  Open element 2.  Resize to 450px.  Go to mirror.  Copy and paste, place on the rigth side of frame.

10.  Open element 20.  Do not resize, copy and paste, drag under frame and over splatter.

11.  Open element 40.  Copy and paste, place on the right side over boots.  See tag.

12.  Open element 31.  Resize to 354px.  Copy and paste. place on the lower left side.  See tag.

13.  Open element 32. Copy and paste.  Place on the left side over whip.  Add shadow of your choice. Duplicate it and drag original layer under whip.  Go to the eraser tool. and erase the lower part of handcuffs until it looks like is inside whip.  See tag.

14.  Open element 47.  Image->mirror.  Resize to 200px.  Copy and paste over whip.  See tag.

15.  Open element 13.  With a font of choice not scripted.  Type what's in the tag or anything you choose to type.  Layer->merge->merge visible.  Copy and paste.  Place to the upper left side of frame.  Drag all the way down untill is behind frame.  Rotate it left 20 degrees.

16.  Open element 68.  Resize to 150px.  Place on the upper left side of frame.

17.  Open elements 41 and 42.  Resize them to 250px.  Rotate left 90 degrees and flip them, place them on top of each over boots.  See tag.

18.  Open element 49.  Resize to 300px.  Copy and paste.  Go to image->mirror.  Rotate right 20 degrees place it on the upper right side behind frame.  See tag.

19.  Open paper 20.  copy and paste.  Drag all the way down until it's behind all elements.  Open mask and minimize, go to layers->new mask layer from image.  Look for mask on source window.  Source Luminance checked->invert mask data unchecked->ok.  Layers->merge->merge group.  Lower the oppacity to 65.

We are done with the tag.  Add shadow to elements if you haven't already.  Layers->merge->merge visible.  Add your name and credits.  If you would like to show me your work contact me at  I would love to see what you did.   
This tutorial was written by me Doris Lynch on February 23, 2012. Any similarity to other tutorials is purely coincidental. Do not copy, repoduce, hot link or claim as your own. Do not post on any site or tranlsate without my written consent.


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