Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You must have basic PSP knowledge to follow this tutorial.

I used Paint Shop Pro x2 but any version will work.
The tube is the art of Eugene Rzhevskii and you must purchase here PicsForDesign
Scrapkit is a freebie called Emo Girl you can download at Lacarolita's Designz.
Template #28 you can also download at Lacarolita's Desingz.
SKDS Circle Mask 2 by Kaci you can dowload at Creative Misfits.
Font of choice 
Drop Shadow settings I used on most elements are vertical 3, horizontal 3, Opacity 55, Blur 15, Color Black, you can use whatever settings you are acostumed to.  

Always look at tag for reference.

Lets Begin

1.  Open Template 28 and delete Lacarolita's Designz credit and the word sweet.
On each layer you will go to Selections->Select all->Selections->Float->Selections->Defloat, Copy and paste papers then again Selections->Invert->Press delete key.  I always delete the original templates so no dark edges show.

Papers I used:
 Circle-Paper 8
Circle dots-Paper 9
Vertical Rectangle-Paper 7
            Small horizontal rectangles(I merged down these 2)-Paper 10
Horizontal Rectangle-Paper 6

2.  Open new canvas 750x750.  Copy and paste each on new canvas and place just as it is on Lacarolita's canvas.

3.  Go to tube and resize if necessary.  I had to resize mine to 430x600.   Position it to the right side of template.  Add shadow.

4.  Now to the elements

-Open Broken Heart and resize 200x200.  Copy and paste.  Go to Image->Free rotate->Left 15.  Move to left side a little lower from corner. (See tag)
-Open Keychain 2.  Resize 180x400.  Copy and paste.  Drag until it's under tube and place it on top of vertical rectangle close to the right corner (see tag).  Add shadow and go to Layers->Duplicate.  Drag the original keychain all the way down until it's under the horizontal rectangle.  Click on the copied layer and go to the Eraser Tool->Round shape->Size 10->Hardness 50->Step 10 everything else leave as is.  On the copied layer keychain erase the tip on right side just a little so it looks like keychain is hanging on rectangle.
-Open Ziplips 2.  Resize 150x150.  Copy and paste.  Go to Image->Mirror.  Move to the top right under tube(see tag).
-Open Flowers 1 & 3.  Resize flower 3 to 200x198 and Flower 1 to 140x139.  Copy and paste.  Place them a little above bottom left side corner Flower 3 under Flower 1(see tag).  Add shadow.
-Open Butterfly 3.  Resize 150x150.  Go to Image->Free rotate->Right 15.  Copy and paste.  Move to the top left side.  Add shadow.  Open Butterfly 2 resize 130x130.  Go to Image->Free rotate->Left 15.  Copy and paste.  Place on lower right side close to tube.  Add shadow.
-Open Razorblade.  Resize 200x200.  Copy and paste.  Drag down until is under broken heart and Flower 3 position it right under those elements(see tag).  Add shadow.
-Open Fence and resize 600x600.  Now we'll mist it a bit.  Go to Selection Tool->Freehand Selection->Mode-Add shift->Feather 30->Anti-alias checked.  Start selecting around fence as if drawing a square it doesn't have to be perfect.  Go to Selections->Invert->press delete key->deselect.  Copy and paste.  Drag down until is above the circle(see tag).  Add shadow.
-Open Skateboard.  Resize 188x450.  Go to Image->Free rotate-> Right 15.  Drag under tube and place to the right.  Add shadow.
-Open Ribbon 2.  Resize 600x122.  Copy and paste.  Drag under tube and flowers.  Add shadow.  Go to Layers->Duplicate.  Go to Image->Mirror then Image->Flip.
-Open Cellphone.  Resize 107x200.  Go to Image->Free rotate->Left 15.  Copy and paste.  Drag under tube and place on left side of tube.  It should look right behind it(see tag).

5.  Open Paper 4.  Resize 750x750.  Copy and paste.  Drag the paper all the way down until it's behind tag.

6.  Open SKDS Circle Mask 2.  Resize 500x500 and keep behind tag canvas.  Click on Paper 4 on layer palette.  Go to Layers->New Mask Layer->From Image->Source Window should show SKDS Circle Mask 2->Source Luminance checked->Invert Mask Data unchecked->OK.  Go to Layers->Merge->Merge Group.  Add shadow if you wish.  Then back to Layers Merge->Merge Visible. 

Tag is done.  Add your name and credits.  If you would like to show me your work contact me at  I would love to see what you did.  

This tutorial was written by me Doris Lynch on May 18, 2011. Any similarity to other tutorials is purely coincidental. Do not copy, repoduce, hot link or claim as your own. Do not post on any site or tranlsate without my written consent.


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